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Welcome to Parkview Church Soul Care Ministry


If you are a returning counselee, and you have previously created an account, you may logon to your account with the user name and password that was provided to you.

If you are seeking counseling, you may request counseling by following these easy steps:


Click “Create a New Account” and fill in your contact information. Highlighted blanks are required, but the more information that you provide, the more efficiently your request can be processed. Click ‘Create Account’ at the bottom of the page. The next page presents an opportunity to print or copy your assigned user name and password. You may also change your password, but this is not required. Click ‘Continue to Your Account.’


You may edit your contact info if needed. Click on  ‘A Survey Requires Your Attention!’ or the ‘My Surveys’ tab to access your surveys. Please note that these surveys (forms) are required before you can request counseling. It is recommended that you set aside 20 to 30 minutes to complete these forms. It is recommended that you complete the ‘Informed Consent Form’ first. Next, complete the ‘Personal Information Collection Form’ honestly and completely. This information will help the ministry process more quickly and prepare more thoroughly to meet with you.


You should receive a confirmation message when your last survey (form) is submitted. You can click in the link provided or click on the ‘Request Counseling’ tab to complete the last step. The brief form that opens provides an opportunity for you to tell us about the issue or concern and your hope for how we can help. You will be connected with a counselor to meet with you as soon as possible. 

NOTE: You may receive automatic e-mails at various steps in the process if you provided an e-mail address, which is highly recommended.




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